Facility Rental Fees

The principal is authorized to approve use of facilities on a school campus. After the facility and date are approved, the lessee will fill out the fee agreement at the campus office, and the campus office will forward the check to the business office. Scheduling requests for non-school use of district facilities shall be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Academic and extracurricular activities sponsored by the district shall always have priority when any event is scheduled. The principal has the authority to cancel a scheduled non-school event if an unexpected conflict arises with a district activity.

The rental fees shall be set by the Superintendent. The schedule of fees shall be published for the public, and rates shall be determined by classifications of groups.

Scope of Use
The district shall permit non-school use of designated district facilities for educational, recreational, civic or social activities when the primary participants are school aged children and when their activities do not conflict with school use or policy GKD (LOCAL).

No charge
● Use by employees’ professional organizations
● Use by district-affiliated school organizations
● Lubbock community based non-profit groups, United Way, Chamber of Commerce,
Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, civic clubs, etc.
● City or county governmental entities
● Texas Tech, LCU, Wayland Baptist, & South Plains college events unless the
event requires admission

● Fund-raising events where an offering is taken or groups where admission is charged
● All other groups

Prior to obtaining the use of the district facilities, the rental agreements must be signed and given to the campus principal. A security deposit of §200†is required for each rental. The security deposit will be returned upon final inspection of the facility, less an additional cost incurred by the district due to damage, failure to observe stated rules, and/or extra custodial or food service employee work required.

Custodial Security Fees
● Depending on the event custodial and Security fees may or may not be charged

Facilities Available for Rent– the following scale applies to non-playoff events such as parties, gatherings, concerts, etc.:

● $150 per day
● Custodial fee $50.00 for half day (4 hours or less) $100.00 for full day
● Security fee $35.00 an hour

Gymnasiums LCMS Auditorium
● $250 per Court
● Custodial fee $100.00 per Court
● Administrator fee $25.00 per hour
● Security fee $35.00 an hour

Middle School Stadiums
● $750 per day
● Custodial fee $150.00
● Security fee $35.00 an hour

Pirate Stadium
● $2000 per day
● Custodial fee $200.00
● Security fee $35.00 an hour
● Contact Max Kattwinkel for UIL game rental fee & facility schedule

Baseball/Softball Stadiums
● $750 per day
● Custodial fee $150.00
● Security fee $35.00 an hour
● Contact Max Kattwinkel for UIL game rental fee & facility schedule

● Contact Taylor Compton for fee & facility schedule