Mission and Vision of Lubbock-Cooper ISD

Mission Statement
The mission of Lubbock-Cooper ISD is to build the future, one student at a time. To accomplish this vision for our children’s future, the Lubbock-Cooper schools, parents, and community will join together in a partnership designed to produce a safe and orderly learning environment within which academic excellence may flourish.

Vision Statement 
The vision of Lubbock-Cooper ISD is to ensure that all students graduating from our school system will possess the academic, technological, and interpersonal skills to succeed in the challenging world they will enter. As a result, the District has set annual goals to focus efforts toward meeting this challenge.

Belongingness at Lubbock-Cooper ISD

At Lubbock-Cooper ISD, we define belongingness as the intentional, ongoing act of fostering a welcoming and inclusive culture that celebrates the rich, ever-changing tapestry of our diversity. It means nurturing an environment where differences are not only accepted, but embraced. We recognize that each person brings a unique perspective, experience, and gift that enriches our LCP family.
Belongingness is a fundamental human need; a feeling of being accepted, valued, and included. It means ensuring every individual is supported and feels seen, heard, and understood. We aspire to achieve belongingness in order to unlock the true potential of every person in our school family.

Lubbock-Cooper ISD is committed to fostering a culture of belongingness, where everyone feels accepted, respected, and included. We will build a legacy of unity, understanding, and growth that will transform our community and the lives of generations to come. No matter where our individual paths may lead, we know that each and every one of us has a home within the